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Ford Tackles Water Sustainability

George McGraw, founder and executive director of DIGDEEP, revealed that most people live within 31 miles of an endangered water source. His organization’s work focuses on making clean water available to all, and on educating people about the importance of water conversation through initiatives such as the four-liter-per-day challenge...

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DIGDEEP, Detroit and Water as a Human Right

Is access to clean water a fundamental human right? According to the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, not exactly. But if you ask George McGraw, the founder and executive director of the DIGDEEP Right to Water Project, the answer is a resounding ‘yes...

McGraw and his team are seeking to reach other Americans through their 4-Liter Challenge, an annual call for people to spend four days limiting their daily water use — for everything from cleaning to drinking to cooking — to just four liters, the same amount nearly 1 billion people around the world live on every day. Every October, DIGDEEP invites people to take the challenge, raise money and gain a little empathy for the water-poor.

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Why 500 Everyday Americans Are Test-Driving Life Without Clean Water

It’s World Water Day, a time to celebrate global efforts to bring clean water to the 800 million people who still don’t have it. But if all of this talk about the water crisis seems distant or vague, here’s a statistic that should hit closer to home: This year, a majority of the world’s population will live within 31 miles of an endangered water source....

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Why you don't care about water.

Water access may be the most difficult problem humans have ever faced. Still, Americans use hundreds of gallons of water every day without thinking. If we can learn to love our water, it just might save our lives. George McGraw is a human rights lawyer, Executive Director of the DIGDEEP Right to Water Project in Los Angeles and the founder of

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Could you live on 4 liters of water per day?

Almost one billion people worldwide survive on only four liters of water per day. DIGDEEP Water is challenging Americans to do the same. Mike Sachs talks to George McGraw (DIGDEEP) and Kirsty Spraggon (Participant) about the 4Liter Challenge.

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George McGraw on the World Over October 11, 2013

George McGraw, founder and executive director of DIGDEEPWATER.ORG, on his organization's effort to defend access to clean water as a basic human right by building sustainable water projects in poor communities around the world.

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Water is Life - Jay Tavare

To say water is life sounds cliche somehow, but water is one of those things that you miss real quick when you don't have it. With a planet and a human body that is 70 percent water, it becomes more apparent how vital this transparent liquid we depend on really is. Yet most people, especially in America, have no respect for this life-sustaining natural resource.

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Reflections on the 4 Liter Challenge

For two days this week, Seri and I participated in DIGDEEP Water’s 4Liters campaign, and lived on just 4 liters of water. We did this to raise awareness, and funds, to support water access projects. We also did it for the experiential learning opportunity, to become more personally aware of how essential it is to have reliable access to clean water.

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These US Families Live without Running Water [Video]

When most people think of dirty water, they think of places like rural Africa. But water poverty affects hundreds-of-thousands of Americans too. Nearly 40% of Navajo Indians don't have a tap or a toilet at home.

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