Let's get more specific. As a Public Relations Fellow you'll:

  • Write/ Edit and Distribute press releases
  • Provide event and management support
  • Research and build contact lists on excel
  • Develop and Manage relationships with donors and members of the press

The DIGDEEP Fellowship Program is a great chance to learn valuable skills (plus, it's a ton of fun).

  • Our program runs August 25 through November 30 so we require a minimum 3-month commitment.
  • You’ll work 20-30 hours a week – both in the office and from home – and we’ll approve you for credit.
  • You must be based in LA and able to get to and from Downtown LA easily.
  • You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of one of the country’s most innovative water organizations.

Sound good? Great, we'll need your info:

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Here's a friendly reminder. Before submitting this form, shoot your resume and a short email / cover letter to tawny@digdeep.org