Seeking passionate change-makers.

DIGDEEP doesn't have coffee-fetching interns, we have world-changing Fellows. Together, we brainstorm social content, collaborate with partner organizations, produce awesome events and serve communities without access to clean water.

Our Fellows are imaginative, meticulous and (most importantly) an integral part of our team. All of our Fellows are as cool as you are. Check the list below and tell us why you'd make a good fit:


American Projects Fellow

You're passionate about getting water into American homes, and you have the organization and the drive to make it happen. You’re all about working behind the scenes and making sure everything goes according to plan. Detailed-oriented, punctual, multitasker extraordinaire... you get things done. You have the super power to absorb dense material like a sponge, and everyone raves about how great a communicator you are. 

Public Relations Fellow

You're part Mary Poppins and part Olivia Pope. You know what makes good news and you know where to find it. A natural communicator, you enjoy collaborating. You thrive in a fast-paced work environment and can write a press release in your sleep. Your checklists are works of art. Most importantly you have an undeniable willingness to learn – what you don’t know now, you'll master with DIGDEEP.

Storytelling Fellow:

You're the reason “water cooler” moments were invented. You're a social media guru (Twitter/ Facebook/ Tumblr/ Instagram), a sound communicator and have strong writing skills. You know what makes good news and you know where to find it. You'll be an Interwebs Ambassador for the organization.


Content / Multimedia Fellow:

You create, therefore you are. You take multiple selfies just to get the right lighting. You have awesome computer skills, especially photoshop and video editing. You a GREAT eye for design. Your constant curiosity and imaginative eye make you the model creator. (We work in a super cool shared-space, so you'll drool over all the creative inspiration and energy.)

Here's what we'll do together.

Our Fellowship Program is a fast-track educational program in non-profit management. 

We’re in the business of changing the world. From the minute you become a part of our DIGDEEP team, we give you real experience that makes a real impact. We’ll take you seriously. Seriously.

  • We require a 3-month commitment with the option to extend for an additional 3 months at our invitation. 
  • Our upcoming Fellowship Program runs (flexible start and end dates) November 1, 2017 thru February  1, 2018.
  • You’ll work 20-30 hours a week – both in the office and from home – and we’ll even approve you for class credit.
  • You must be in LA and able to get to and from Silverlake easily.
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of one of the most innovative water organizations in the world with a group of innovative change-makers like you.

Interested? Sweet. Use the links above to get in touch - then send your resume, cover letter to


DIGDEEP is a millennial human rights organization in Los Angeles. We bring diverse communities together to achieve sustainable, clean water access.

We run water awareness challenges, serve populations in Africa and the United States, and commit 100% of donations to projects like this one. Join us!