Problem / Solution

Problem / Solution

When we take water for granted,   we can't:




Most people can't relate to the 800 million people without clean water. If we don't understand water poverty, we can't support these communities effectively.



Most people don't realize how close to home the water crisis really is. The majority of people worldwide live within 31 miles of an endangered water source.



Most people never have a reason to think about the way the use water. Americans use more water every day than anyone else - up to 500 liters a day.


The 4Liter Challenge

The 4Liter Challenge


Sharing is Caring

Joni shared the little moments around her, challenging her whole family to take part. 


water smile

A Real Response

4Liters reminded Joni every day just what she was fighting for with a series of field stories.


Post from Anywhere

Joni posted 9 instagrams and tweeted twice. The posts dropped right onto her timeline. 


Team Up for Support

Joni created "Team Abdalla" with her husband. They shared tips and encouragement.


Create Real Change

Joni raised over $2000 to build a well in South Sudan. Joni's experiment in water poverty had a tangible impact.


Last Year

Last Year


The 2013 Challenge 

We built 4Liters for our existing donors. In just a week, we saw a flood of interest as people posted pictures, created videos, shared insights and advice. All without a budget or major sponsor.

  • Funds Raised: $17,437

  • Projects Funded: 5

  • Countries Served: Cameroon, South Sudan, United States

  • Participants: 592

  • Countries Participating: 6

  • Campaign Video Views: 10,847

  • Celebrity Participant Followings: Twitter 5.9M, Facebook 11.2M

The 2014 Challenge

In October 2013 the 4Liter Challenge was an untested concept. We're building on last year's success to make 2014 a year of explosive growth. Here's how:

We're starting 12 months out, launching a campaign that builds on experience. We're using last year's media and data to target behaviors and attract new participants. 

We're focusing on video production, content creation and community engagement. This year, we'll gamify interactions by offering prizes and create branded content to prompt behavior. We'll also update look and feel.

We're building partnerships with major brands whose mission and vision square with ours. Together we'll use the 4Liter Challenge to speak to participants (and their communities) about our important work.


Students at Wharton ran user behavior analysis in 2013. They'll help again in 2014.


Brand Partnership

Brand Partnership

Brand Partnership

4Liters sponsorship is a powerful way to build relationships. As a Partner Brand, you'll walk with Challengers every step of the way, helping them solve a global challenge you both care about.  

A Meaningful Experience

Don't just promote a more conscious lifestyle, help people live it. Put your brand at the center of a truly life-changing experience.

Memorable Engagement

The best time to talk to a customer about your common values is when they're keenly aware of how precious their resources are. Use 4Liters to acquire new customers and cultivate existing ones.

Drive Action and Create Content

Achieve key marketing objectives, including in-app purchases, increased social engagement, and valuable user-generated stories and media for your channels.

An Authentic Feel          

Sponsored content is seamlessly integrated, making your brand part of a personal journey, not an annoyance.

Partnership has its benefits:


Communicate brand values, expose products and share corporate initiatives (like CSR) with customizable branding opportunities for:

Webtool  -  App  -  Social  -  Email  -  Events  -  4Liters Curriculum


Gain access to 4Liters user information, analytics and content. Know who's participating, what they're doing and who they're talking to. Make their stories part of yours. 


Introduce yourself to DIGDEEP donors and social networks. DIGDEEP followers are 53% female, have a mean age of 35, and a mean income of 42k+. DIGDEEP also has an activated base of socially conscious millennials.


Use the 4Liter Challenge to communicate key values and initiatives within your company by building workplace teams!





Our Mission:

We’re a human rights non-profit helping to make clean water more available and more sustainable in every community.

In places without reliable water access, DIGDEEP empowers communities to build smart water projects that fit their needs.

Our water access projects measurably improve human rights standards like gender equity and access to education, making people healthier, happier and more equal. See a project report.


In places that already have access to clean water, DIGDEEP designs campaigns like the 4Liter Challenge to help people better understand and care for their water resources.

Water access is only a first step, We have to change the way we think about water to avoid problems like pollution, over-consumption and project failure.